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British Summer Flowers 2024


Personalised Tags
(84mm x 44mm)
You can order these on their own if you want


Celebrating British Flowers Poster
(450mm x 320mm)

To order your promotional material use the form halfway down the page,
or simply call us on 01934 644451.
We're happy to help.


For some years now florists have been telling us that a week is not long enough to make the most of British grown flowers, that it needs a whole month.  So that's why, while supporting British Flowers Week, championed now by Flowers from the Farm, which runs from Monday 3 June to Sunday 9 June in 2024, we have made our promotional material undated.  We suggest that you use our huge array of posters, flyers, bunting and tags throughout the whole month. 


We have a complete collection of material to help you make the most of the publicity!


The items are shown in the correct proportions to each other to give you a better idea of their relative size.
Bigger photos of each item, so you can see more detail, are just down the page.

To make life simpler we have organised all of the promotional material into packs.
You can still get completely FREE of charge the window posters, a set of tags, and a set of Bunting cards.
If you want to make the most of the opportunity you would be better taking either the Studio Florist or Retail Florist packs to get the extra display material and personalised A5 flyers and personalised  tags to promote your business.  We've listed the details below:


A5 flyer and tags personalised for your business


A5 Flyer/Voting form (front)


A5 Flyer/Voting form (back)
Personalised with YOUR business details


Tags (84mm x 44mm): standard or personalised on the back with your business details


Bunting Cards set of 8 British Summer Flower cards and 9 flags (17 cards in total)
The cards are postcard size (133mm x 85mm): with punched holes (but not strung)

  Huge Vote Here Poster (640mm x 450mm)

Ballot Box (304mm x 228mm x 228mm or 12" x 9" x 9")




VIDEO: vote for your favourite British summer flower
(male presenter)

VIDEO: vote for your favourite British summer flower
(female presenter)

To get your FREE Celebrating British Flowers A3 poster, bunting cards and 40 unpersonalised tags just fill in your details in the form below and we'll get them off to you.


British Flowers Week FREE tags, bunting and  window poster

For any florist in the UK who wants to take part, we'll send you a Celebrating British Flowers Window Poster, a batch of the special tags, and a set of Bunting cards completely free of charge.  All you need to do is fill in the little form below with your details and we'll send them to you.  If you would like to take the opportunity to really promote your shop then you should opt for one of the packages at the bottom of this form. You can order the personalised tags on their own if you wish.

First name:
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Last name:
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Shop/Business Name:
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Telephone No:
Website/Facebook address:

Business based in (choose one)

Email address:
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Options for your British Flowers Week promotional material
The standard set of tags, the bunting cards and a poster are completely FREE of charge, including delivery.
If you would like to make the most of the opportunity to capitalise on the national publicity then you should choose one of our packages: Studio Florist or Retail Florist.  These include personalised A5 flyers (including your logo if you wish) and personalised tags as well as the bunting cards, posters and ballot box (see the table towards the top of the page).   If you want your logo or design style on your flyers then please email them to - we will send you a PDF proof.  
All options are carriage free for the UK mainland. (For the Highlands and Islands give us a call and, depending on the weight, we may be able to send yours carriage free too).
Please indicate your choice below. If you choose one of the paid for packages we will send you a link to pay online with your proofs of your flyer and tag.
Standard pack of poster, bunting cards and 40 tags FREE

Studio Pack (cost £25 +VAT)

Retail Florist pack (cost £49 +VAT)

250 unpersonalised tags (£7.50)
250 personalised tags (£19.00)
500 personalised tags (£33.00)

Now please press the Send me my Pack
button below


for more information
 just Call 01934 644451
We're happy to help

We've also produced 2 special sets of cards specially
British Summer Flowers
 folded card set
pack of 240 Folded cards size 68mm x 102mm
30 of each of 8 designs at £15.50 per pack,
or £22.75 per pack printed with your shop details
minimum of 4 packs of 240 (from across the range) for overprinting 


British Flowers Set
pack of 100 Folded cards size 68mm x 102mm
25 of each of 4 designs at £7.85 per pack,
or £11.25 per pack printed with your shop details

Examples of Attractive Window Displays FREE
We also sponsored Helen Goodwin, the Visual Merchandising whiz from the BFA Vision conference to design and create a couple of example window displays for British Flowers Week.  We made videos of what Helen created and how she went about it which you can see below the photographs here.

Wards Florists in York, with thanks to David Bough

Floral Elegance in Acomb, York with thanks to Sue Hunter


Window Display Videos
The first video shows Helen at Floral Elegance in Acomb, York talking about the principles of how to create a great display.  The second video is a speeded up, timelapse video of her building the display at Wards in York.
As Helen was building the display during a working day there is quite a lot of background noise from customers in the second half of the first video - sorry!




Which are YOUR favourite summer flowers?  And what would help you to stock and sell more British summer flowers?

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