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Florist Wedding Brochures

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Personalised Wedding Brochures

available in small quantities

from only £29 

It can make all the difference if you can give brides a professionally presented brochure to take away.  Whether it's those who have come to see you or ones you meet at an exhibition, a decent brochure makes an impact and gives them something to remind them of just how good you are and raises you above your competitors.  Nowadays you need all the help you can to make sure you get the business.

But you don't usually need big quantities.  Sometimes you just need a few brochures to hand out when they come into your shop, or a few more if you have a stand at a wedding fair.

To produce full colour brochures for you economically we have invested in a new digital printing machine.

You can choose from three levels of personalisation (or we can print from your own artwork):

Standard: where you use the brochure with the images as you see them here, but with your details on
               the outside front and back covers, and your information and prices (if you want them shown)
               on the inside.  You can change the typefaces and add your logo if you wish.

Your Photos:  where you use the design layout as you see it here but you can replace the photographs with
            your own as well as having your own details and text.

Bespoke:  where the complete brochure is designed specifically to your requirements.

Your own artwork:  if you send us your artwork to actual size as a pdf we can print it for you
                             (please call us for advice if you are unsure)

For Pricing and answers to Frequently asked Questions, please see the bottom of this page.

As a starting point we have created two simple brochure designs for you here.  Although we have kept it simple here with a 4 page A5 brochure in 350gm card, we can change this to suit your needs:  it can be several pages, a different size, on different material, from 120gm stiff paper to textured card, we' can design it to your specification.  The prices for the simple options are detailed at the bottom of this page.

Standard Design : Front Cover

Click on any of the pictures below to view larger image


Centre Spread


Outside Back Cover


Centre Spread: Style B


Outside Back Cover : Style B


Here are a few examples of brochure front and back covers we have done for our customers:

Front Cover

Back Cover



Personalised Wedding Brochure Prices

Standard Designs: prices as below

Printing from your artwork: prices as below

Your Photos design:  one-off setup charge of £18, printing charges as below.
                               On re-prints you pay only the printing cost.

Bespoke design:  one-off setup charge of £38, printing charges as below.
                          On re-prints you pay only the printing cost.

4 Page A5 brochure
350gm card

Wedding Brochure Frequently asked Questions
Q.        Does it have to be a wedding brochure or can you produce a funeral, event or general brochure too? 
A.        You can use this format to produce whatever you want.  We are happy to help you create a simple one sheet
            brochure to a multi-sheet catalogue, using our template outlines or completely bespoke to your own individual design.

Q.        Do I have to put prices in or can I use it just to show photographs of the sort of thing we can do, with our
            text to describe and explain what we offer?
A.        No, you don’t have to put prices in.  Yes, it can be just photographs with your own text. This is included in the
            Standard option.

Q.        Can I replace the photographs with my own?
 A.        Yes.  You can replace some or all of the photographs with your own with the Your Photos or Bespoke options.
Q.        I’d like to have more photographs.  Is that possible? 
A.        Yes.  With the Bespoke option you can have as many as you like.
Q.        Can I have the centre spread in design A on your website made up of lots of different photographs
A.        Yes, with the Your Photos or Bespoke options.
Q.        Can I mix some elements of design A with some elements of design B on your website? 
A.        Yes, with the Your Photos or Bespoke options. 

Q.        I’m not a techie whiz.  Can you help me use my photos and get them to you? 
A.        Yes. 

Q.        Could we have a place to add other items and for general information? 
A.        Yes.  You can adapt the text to include whatever you want (and to omit what you don’t want).  The text shown in
             our samples is simply to give an indication of the sort of thing you might want to include.  This is included in the
             Standard option.

Q.        Can we have more than 4 pages?
 A.        Yes.  You can have as many pages as you want.  Additional sheets (4 pages) are the same cost as the first one. 

Q.        Can I have a different format, such as tall (A4 folded in half on the short edge) or ⅓ A4 (A4 folded twice
             to comp slip size, fits into a DL envelope)
A.        Yes, with the Bespoke option. 

Q.        Can I change the fonts used? 
A.        Yes.  You can choose whatever fonts you would like, both for the titles and the body copy. This is included in the
             Standard option.

Q.        Does our name and logo have to be in black or can we have it in our own colours? 
A.        You can have your name and logo in whatever colour/s you would like. This is included in the Standard option.
Q.        Can I put my own text and photographs on the back cover? 
A.        Yes.  Your own text is included in the Standard option.  Changing the photograph would need the Your Photos
             or Bespoke options.
Q.        Could an image be printed faint in the background with text printed over the top? 
A.        Yes.  This would need the Bespoke option. 

Q.        Is it possible to have the brochure printed on a different type of paper/card? 
A.        Yes.  There would be an additional cost depending on the type and weight of the paper/card.  

 Standard Designs:
prices as above for the wedding brochure designs on our website, with your choice of products, text and prices (if you want to include these).  This includes incorporating your logo in your colours, and any additional text or logos on any of the 4 pages.  This price does not include substituting your photographs for ours.

Printing from your artwork
where you supply us with a PDF ready for printing, where we do not have to make any alterations or adjustments but simply print what you send us.  This option may appeal to you if you have your own photographs, you are technically savvy and you can produce your own design.  The prices are as above.

Your Photos design: 
where you substitute your photos in the positions where ours are:
  one-off setup charge of £18, printing charges as above. On reprints you pay only the printing cost.

Bespoke design:
where we create a design and layout entirely of your choice:  one-off setup charge of £38, printing charges as above.  On reprints you pay only the printing cost.

Please call us if you have any questions - we’ll be very happy to help!   -   01934 644451