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Were you aware that if you order flowers online from a national online company, in most cases, your flowers are not arranged by a skilled florist local to where you want them delivered?  Instead they are processed in a central factory, put in a cardboard box and then picked up by a courier and shipped from van to hub to van across to the other end of the country.  The recipient does not have the pleasure of seeing a beautifully arranged bouquet when they open the door but an anonymous sealed cardboard box that could have come from Amazon.  There's no wow there!


As Michael Caine would say:  "Not a lot of people know that!"


Our videos below tell the story




Comparison of what you get from a local Florist vs an Online company


Comments made: 


"Flowers in a box is just a step up from Garage Flowers, and every woman knows how that feels!"


"How fresh are they, having been in a box all that time?"


"Getting factory processed flowers in a box from a courier has nothing like the impact of a proper bouquet handed to you by a proper florist."


"You can ask a local florist for specific flowers and colours that suit the person getting the flowers." 


"In my experience you get so much more for your money with a local florist." 


"No-one who receives flowers in a box is going to complain are they?  Even if they're not that good you wouldn't say that to the person who sent them would you?  It would seem ungrateful.  But if you don't tell them they're not going to know are they?  So they'll keep using the national online box companies that come at the top of the Google search because it's easy, when it's just as easy to use a local florist."


The Paper Studio is the UK's leading producer of printed stationery for Florists.  Our company and those we have absorbed have been printing for Florists for over 50 years.  We now have an extensive range of products specially designed to meet the needs of today's demanding florist.  We are constantly enhancing our range of designs to keep them up-to-date.

We support our florist customers in a number of ways, one of which is producing videos such as the one above to attempt to help consumers understand just what they are missing if they choose to use a national online boxed flowers company rather than a skilled local florist.

Grant McGowan
Managing Director

The Paper Studio


The Paper Studio
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