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The Lonely Bouquet FREE tags for Florists


FLORISTS: to get your FREE tags just complete the details in the form below.
The Lonely Bouquet is a heart-warming idea that we are happy to support all through the year, not just for the International Lonely Bouquet Day on Sunday 30th June.

As we have over the last few years, we will print personalised tags for any florist shop or flower arranging society that wants to take part completely FREE of charge. We think it's a brilliant idea and a great opportunity to bring a smile to lots of faces with the power of flowers, and in the process generate some great positive publicity for your shop or society, so we're happy to help as many florists as possible.
We print different design tags for Flower Arranging Societies and WI's (also free).  Please click HERE to be taken to the right page for those tags.

Not heard about The Lonely Bouquet? It's a movement developed by Fleuropean dedicated to "spreading happiness and smiles, one flower at a time". The idea is simple; make a bouquet, attach a "take me!" tag, and leave it for a stranger to find to brighten their day. Have a look at their Facebook page ( and you'll see how the idea has taken off, not just in Belgium where Emily Avenson started it, but now throughout the UK and across the globe.


To get your FREE tags just complete the details in the form below.
Please make sure that you press the Submit button after completing the form otherwise we don't get your details!

The Lonely Bouquet FREE Tags

We think this is a brilliant idea and we'd like to help.

For any florist in the UK who wants to take part, we'll print a batch of the tags with The Lonely Bouquet message and the florist's email or facebook address on 350gm card and send it to you with some cello envelopes completely free of charge. All you need to do is fill in the little form below with your details and we'll send them to you.

It will be great to bring a smile to lots of faces with the power of flowers.  I hope you can take part.

P.S.  PLEASE make sure that you press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form otherwise your information isn't sent to us!

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